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Vincent Burkhead Studios Ebook The Anatomy of Authentic Logo DesignIf you have an interest in graphic design you should visit our Creative Director’s blog YourCreativeJunkie.com. Vince offers his extensive experience in the form of blog content to aspiring designers, graphic artists and freelance contractors.

His addiction is to creative expression with an emphasis on business logos, corporate branding, social media, marketing and what it takes to be a top-notch freelancer. The blog includes advice for everything from the initial project discovery to final deliverables including client management, sketching examples, logo and design examples, video tutorials, vector artwork, presentation, securing future work and much more.

Visit www.yourcreativejunkie.com and get access to inspiring articles and free products including Vince’s Ebook The Anatomy of Authentic Logo Design: A 10 Step Process FREE for a limited time. Enter your email address for immediate download and rest assured that like all of us here at Cherry Pixel we loathe spammers and therefore will never sell, share or distribute your email address or any other information about you with anyone, ever.

Here’s Part I of his logo design video tutorial series:

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